Resources for Lee County, VA

“Archaeological Sites: Some DOs and DON’Ts”

"Do keep records of artifacts found lying on the surface of your property.

Do report sites discovered on your property to the Department of Historic Resources. Your report will not trigger any land use decisions but will aid in scientific research and preservation planning.

Do maintain your site in its natural condition and protect it from inadvertent destruction.

Do learn more about your site and other nearby sites. Encourage scholarly research to interpret the prehistoric and historic assets of your property.

Don't allow unqualified persons to "collect" or "dig" at your site. Report any unauthorized activities—"looting"—to the State Archaeologist and local police

Don't conduct any earth moving or construction in the immediate vicinity of your site." 

~© 2016 Commonwealth of Virginia / Virginia Department of Historic Resources 

The Virginia Department of Historic Resources

"The Virginia Department of Historic Resources is the State Historic Preservation Office in Virginia. Our mission is to foster, encourage, and support the stewardship of Virginia's significant historic architectural, archaeological, and cultural resources."

The Virginia Department of Historic Resources has generously allowed this site to include links to informational and other important resources that help educate and protect the rich resources found throughout Virginia. Please check out these resources on the Resources page and on their website.


Teachers and schools are welcome to make use of their educational resources. 

Resources include:

DHR Educational Resources

Community Resources are also available from The Virginia DHR.

Looking for options about preserving an archaeological site on your property? 

The resources at this link will provide you with helpful information on what options are available to you  for your own site and helpful tips on how to preserve the history in your own backyard. 

For the direct link to more information on Site Stewardship Click here!